Both the first and second direction have an element in common, which is the simplified sandwich roll shape that can be adapted to play the role of the letter “waw” and also be the main symbol of the brand.
Given that the sound of the brand name ends with an “oo” sound, the letter “waw” plays an important role to raise brand recognition through the main symbol evoking at the same time the pronounciation of the brand name, which can be utilized in an efficient way when both combined (ie. radio jingle, video intro/outro sound etc.)
Taking into consideration the positioning of the brand, a mid-range Shawarma restaurant, we decided to use a simple and classic Arabic typography, to avoid having the brand classified as a “fast food” or being given other denominators. This neutral typeface will help the brand shape its own image and build over it with time.
The color palette can be explored more in the next stage of the design process and the black and white can be kept also to strengthen the simple and classic look of the logo.
simplifiedsandwich roll
adapted letter "waw"
simple and legible arabic typography
letter "waw" adapted
latin adaptation
main logo proposal
In addition to the sandwich roll symbol, in this proposal the letters are built using the spiral shape to achieve this custom type logo.
This direction has more potential of being an icon and be developped into an extensive and strong visual identity.
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